Creations of Bastet is a small creative business started by Ambrosia. This creative haven has a focus on creating beautiful handmade items for you to enjoy and even bring you peace. The shop contains a variety of items with a focus on the pagan cycle of life, love and happiness but you will find items for all walks of life. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the plethora of items that spring from Ambrosia's imagination. From handmade crochet afghans, shawls and scarves to stunning jewelry pieces, incense & perfume that smells fantastic, and slime to have fun with and ease your anxiety. Creations of Bastet since the beginning has been thought of as a one stop shop for passion and creativity. Never limit yourself and never be afraid to try a new art form is one of the shop motto's. Thank you for visiting the shop where you will find business news, craft postings that include tutorials, a gallery of in progress work and previous items and of course the announcement of any sales or coupons. Have a look around and enjoy, Ambrosia and the small band who helps out within the shop offer you a warm greeting. If you have any questions or just need to send a message please:

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