13th Doctor New years Scarf ~ Free Pattern


Who doesn’t love a Timey Wimey Scarf?

As I sat and thought about what I could post last week on this blog and then ended up getting side tracked and never posted, my brain finally kicked me a reminder. Last month I posted the 13th Doctor scarf pattern for free. However the post that it was put up in was not instantly noticeable as a post where you would find that pattern. Whoops!

That is totally on me and I feel like a bit of a space cadet for not noticing that sooner. At least space cadet is within the proper theme for a timey wimey scarf right? I am also of course taking the time right now to remedy the mistake.

This post is dedicated purely to the pattern and therefore super easy for you to find. This scarf is my take on the scarf that the 13th Doctor wore for the New Years special and I think it ticks all the boxes. It does for me anyways.


This scarf is bigger on the outside…

This scarf has a lot of color in it there are in fact 18 different colors used in this scarf. Each color is helpfully listed for you in the pattern if you want to use the same exact colors I did. The scarf is HUGE and it could double as a shawl or wrap, which goes along with what is a bit of a tradition to Whovians. I mean you have seen the 4th Doctors Scarf right?

4th Doctor Scarf
4th Doctor’s Knit Scarf

I mean the 4th Doctors’s screen scarf is 13 feet long and 10 inches wide. So I just had to go big or go home on my version of a scarf. Also for those asking if I am going to do a version of the 4th Doctor’s scarf soon the answer to that is, YES OF COURSE I AM! A full length and a shorter one will hit the shop, trust me on this.

While both the 13th Doctor and the 4th Doctor scarves are knit. Mine will of course be crochet. So if you were seeking a knit pattern for the 13th Doctor’s scarf I am sorry this is not the pattern you are looking for. (could I be any nerdier with this post? LOL). You can always pop over to Ravelry and search the patterns there, I have seen several knit versions as well. Keep in mind if you are seeking the exact scarf worn by the 13th Doctor you will need to store buy it because it is machine knit not hand knit. You can find it to purchase at Paul Smith if you want to go that route.

I like it handmade and want that pattern…

I however do and probably always will prefer my scarves to be handmade hence my pattern. So without anymore running on about it you can click the link below and get the full pattern to my 13th Doctor scarf. You can use the finished scarf however you like. Wear it, sell it, find a timey wimey companion. Whatever you like. Just please credit me as the designer. If you do sell, make sure you don’t use my photos as your own. And that you are only selling the finished result not my pattern. Thank you! And I promise there will be a 4th Doctor scarf coming in the future.

13th Doctor, New Years Rainbow Scarf Pattern

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