2019, a New Year a New Chance

Greetings to anyone who might be reading this humble little craft blog,

Here we are, two weeks into a fresh new year, 2019. Is anyone else still writing 2018 on things? We all know that just tends to be an ongoing battle, haha. Anyways. I am not someone who tends to make resolutions for a new year. I feel doing that tends to set one up for failure and a chance to beat yourself up. I don’t like to do that. So instead I work on goals. I will set myself goals for each year and work to get to them. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I get close and sometimes I miss the mark. Overall for me I feel 2018 I made or made steps towards most of my goals.

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is trying to find a better balance within all of the things that keep me busy. I have a great many passions, as anyone who knows me a little bit knows. Then beyond that being my own business owner, well that is a  never ending task. You must be on point and going 24 hours a day it seems. I am okay with that, I love to keep busy and I have issues turning my brain off anyways, but balance is what I wish to find more of. In finding balance I think I will find a better way to be busy and working, but also to relax and just try to enjoy life. After all, what is the point in striving, dreaming, and pushing if one can’t stand still a moment and enjoy it. Or travel out and enjoy it. Ah, travel I do love seeing new places, although I hate flying. Anyways travel talk later.

Something else besides goals that I do yearly is to plan out and pick a charity that I will donate time/items too. This is alongside my usual charity working with humane societies and such. Since I taught myself to crochet 5 years ago I have focused on ways I can combine my love and need to crochet with this charitable donation. I have donated to children’s wards, homeless shelters, humane societies, breast cancer and such as far as crochet goods. It took me a little longer than usual this year to decide on my charity. I am not sure why, as I usually know by the 1st which one I will donate. Perhaps it is because the end of the year was so busy for me. But I have finally these two weeks into the year settled on where I will be sending my donations to this year. I have settled on a fantastic organization called:

Binky Patrol

You can see a mission statement here in a video that the group made, and I have linked to the main page for them. It is a smaller type charity and I love that. The closest chapter directly to me is Glendale, but they also show you where you can mail donations too if you don’t have a local chapter.

I have already started my first Binky using some of my Sweet Roll cakes in Ice Pop. What can I say I got really excited when I finally settled on this great little group. Kids are so important and bringing them comfort in any kind of way is so important. So I am all for it. Of course it lets me play with some little patterns and such, as well, which I need to do, ha-ha.

I will still be making my scarves and hats that I leave around randomly during the cold months as well, because I always tend to do that. I might even pick that up and pick a second charity this year as I saw a news article the other day about a gentleman who ties scarves outside his shop in a mission his Son started. I want to send things for him as well. There I go with that bleeding heart of mine as it were. If I can’t manage the extra this year, (see, this is what happens, I want to do everything at once) I think I know what my charity cause will be next year.

I do get asked when I do crochet charity posts about how others can help. You can always of course grab a hook (or needles if you knit, or fabric if you sew) and donate items yourself! If you can’t do that for whatever reason and would still like to help, I do accept donations of yarn, gift cards or PayPal that will go directly towards yarn to the charitable cause. I personally take part of the proceeds from each sale of my crochet items and put them into the yarn for a cause fund and I will supplement as needed as well. I do it because I want to, it brings me joy. If you would like to donate without making your own, here are the ways to get in touch:

Email  (Admin@CreationsOfBastet.com) ~ I am happy to talk to you about what I do every year and just in general about this years choice to donate to Binky Patrol. I am happy to answer any and all questions. This email also works for any E-gift cards you may wish to send.

Just send items ~ If you would just like to mail some yarn you have gotten from an estate sale, or went out and bought or however you got it, lol. Or mail some gift cards you can do so here:

Creations of Bastet

C/O 2019 Binky Patrol Donation

PO Box 18796

Tucson, AZ, 85731

All items marked and sent will be tagged and earmarked for the project & I will feature progress pictures etc. of the items/binky’s as they get made both on the blog and the COB instagram.

Straight Paypal Donation:

So cheers welcome to 2019 and here we are, about the goals. Another goal is of course to blog more regularly and work on some of my other social items. In my next blog I am going to do a write up of my first big event of 2019 …my first Slime Convention! Slime Bash Daytona.

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