About Us

Creations of Bastet is a small creative business that believes handmade items can really make a difference. Creations of Bastet launched as a small business in 2013 and in 2017 Wibbly Wobbly Slimey Wimey started as a fun side hobby of making ASMR videos & beautiful slime that grew to its own full fledged sister shop. It is this fantastic growth that inspired the addition of ” & friends” to Creations of Bastet, because we firmly believe that when you shop small you are shopping with friends not just faceless corporations. Moreover, shopping small means working with makers who are constantly learning new crafts and expanding, becoming masters at multiple kinds of artisan crafts.

The shop contains a variety of items, most of which are handmade, the ones that are not handmade have been carefully selected and curated to be listed here. Many items are made with an outlook on the pagan cycle of life, love and happiness but you will find all are welcome here whatever your walk of life. Please step into the shop and enjoy the plethora of items you will find! There is a little something for everyone from handmade crochet afghans, shawls and scarves to stunning jewelry pieces, incense & personal perfume oil blends that smell beautiful, unique and last long. Of course don’t forget you can also find slimes in every texture to help with anxiety and give you a full sensory experience.

Creations of Bastet since the beginning has been thought of as a one stop shop for passion and creativity. Never limit yourself and never be afraid to try a new art form is one of the shop motto’s. Thank you for visiting the shop where you will find business news, craft postings that include tutorials, a gallery of in progress work and previous items and of course the announcement of any sales or coupons. Have a look around and enjoy, Ambrosia and the small band who helps out within the shop offer you a warm greeting. If you have any questions or just need to send a message please:

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