Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble! Yes it is an Avenger’s assemble crochet theme and it is glorious.


As always I am a fandom geek and while I have a great many plans to make more fandom related crochet stuff my current niche for that is the Avengers. Each Avenger has been given a color scheme of their own and will be following a basic pattern to make a set. Loki has his own posting, but he is of course included, how could Loki not be included? All of my color schemes have been selected and so far Shawls have been completed for Loki, Thor, and the Hulk with Hawkeye in the last stages of being complete. A friend has suggested that I also add the Winter solider in when I do Captain America and I just might.



LokiShawlComplete ThorShawlHulkshawlHawkeyeprogress


The next part of this progress is to possibly create sets with the shawls. Perhaps a shawl and arm warmers or a shawl and a lap throw, or both and then a final combo of a shawl and lap throw and arm warmers. The combination’s are endless and I am excited to create for my fandoms while also enjoying my crochet!

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