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Sorry it is delayed but here it is as promise the Furls crochet hook giveaway! Brought to you by Birth of a Notion & Creations of Bastet. This is your chance to win your very own hook! This give away is for a custom choice Heirloom Wooden crochet hook. You will be able to choose the size of hook you want between 3.25mm-15.00mm and the choice of wood you want from the selection of Furls woods which include, Tulipwood, Rosewood, Blackwood, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, Bloodwood and Olivewood.

This contest will run for 1 week from 9/1/15 until 9/10/15 12 Midnight Eastern time! Good luck!

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6.0mm Purpleheart
6.0mm Purpleheart

Must have Tool Review: Furls Crochet Hook

Anyone who has read my blog or hung out with me for more then 5 seconds knows how much I love to crochet. I have been crocheting for about a year and a half now and I truly love it. I feel a certain amount of Zen when I am happily hooking away.

So if you are looking for a little bit of Zen, why wouldn’t you want to have a fantastic tool as well? That is where the Furls crochet hook comes into play. As you can see by these pictures this is not just a tool but a piece of art. A truly beautiful crochet hook to look at. The hook that I am blessed to have is from the Heirloom Wooden hook line. I have a size J hook and the wood I have is purple heart but you can choose from several kinds of wood. Each of the furls hooks is handmade just for you when you order it.



The best thing about these hooks? Not only are they beautiful and stunning to look at but they feel fantastic as you crochet. I am a person that likes to crochet for long periods of time when I can. If I have a day off from working I have been known to crochet for 8 hours or more, the biggest problem that happens when I crochet for these long periods of time is hand fatigue. It almost never fails that my hand will cramp up, my fingers will get sore and I have to take a break from the project I am working on to rest my hand.

This has not happened for me yet while using my Furls hook. I made sure to test this hook a great deal before I sat to write my review. I completed the last half of a Queen Size afghan, two shawls, a baby blanket and started my Dad’s Christmas present (an Afghan that is 300 stitches across) so far I have not had any hand fatigue. The furls hook fits my hand like a glove and truly is comfortable no matter how long I have been working on a project. The wood is smooth and stays cool (no slipping due to hand sweat) and very light weight compared to other hooks I have used.

I would highly recommend the Furls hooks to any of my fellow crochet friends. Not only do you get a fantastic tool to work with you have a piece of art right in your hands to help you create more art.

I plan to make a Youtube video of how this hook works for readers to see as well!

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Furls crochet hook has arrived.

Furls makes beautiful crochet hooks, they have two lines of crochet hooks both are designed with the hand in mind.


They have a line of Candy Shop hooks, which a fellow crochet friend of mine uses and loves.


There is then also the Heirloom line of hooks which are made of wood.


Furls says, “Can you imagine a crochet hook that takes a team of  20 different American artisans and craftspeople to design, sculpt, cast, polish, paint, and finish? Can you imagine a crochet hook that is designed to fit the human hand so well that it is backed by a $500 hand-health guarantee? Can you imagine what it would be like to crochet on a surface as smooth and durable as the top coat on exotic cars? You hardly have to now, because Furls’ newest line of Candy Shop Crochet Hooks is finally available for your crocheting pleasure.”


I have been lucky enough to get one of the Heirloom hooks to use and review. It has arrived! Not the best shot, but I wanted to share right away and jump up and down! It is here and I am going to be using it on my very next project. Last night I started making a baby papoose for one of my kittens which does not need a J hook, so as soon as I finish the papoose it is time to start another shawl or blanket or something!



Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble! Yes it is an Avenger’s assemble crochet theme and it is glorious.


As always I am a fandom geek and while I have a great many plans to make more fandom related crochet stuff my current niche for that is the Avengers. Each Avenger has been given a color scheme of their own and will be following a basic pattern to make a set. Loki has his own posting, but he is of course included, how could Loki not be included? All of my color schemes have been selected and so far Shawls have been completed for Loki, Thor, and the Hulk with Hawkeye in the last stages of being complete. A friend has suggested that I also add the Winter solider in when I do Captain America and I just might.



LokiShawlComplete ThorShawlHulkshawlHawkeyeprogress


The next part of this progress is to possibly create sets with the shawls. Perhaps a shawl and arm warmers or a shawl and a lap throw, or both and then a final combo of a shawl and lap throw and arm warmers. The combination’s are endless and I am excited to create for my fandoms while also enjoying my crochet!

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