Time flys…

Can you believe that it is already almost August? I know I sure can’t. Time has been flying by this year and some of it has been fantastic and some of it has been less than fantastic. That is life, though, isn’t it? Up and down. Obviously my goal of writing more on this blog has not yet been met, but hey the year is not over so that is okay. If I have learned anything this year so far it is that I am ONE person and while I can do fantastic things and complete so much, I simply can’t do it all.

While it might not seem like there has been much going on if you look at this blog, if you look at the shop or talk to me in general you will see of course that there has been much going on. The slime side of this business really took off and I honestly can hardly believe that my slime instagram has over 11,000 followers now. Who knew that so many other people would appreciate what I had to make in slime, something I have been doing just for myself since I was a kid in school. I loved science. I still love science. To put a cherry on top of that slime cake I will be attending Slime Bash 2 in October and really I am still pinching myself a little bit over that one. Me at a slime convention! I am very much looking forward to it and I have a lot of prep to work on but I am happy to be on that path.

I am also slowly but surely working through ideas when it comes to, other things to do with my zen place, my crochet. As a self taught crocheter, I have long thought no one would be interested in anything that I had to design. Heck, for a very long time I thought I couldn’t even design my own patterns. Pick out colors that looked good together for patterns that others wrote, yes of course. Make my own? No way.

I was WRONG.

Lately I have found myself free-handing a lot of projects. Just picking up the yarn and going with it. I have now free-handed blankets, shawls, market bags, socks and more. If I can do that and see people respond well to what they see, why can’t I write the patterns down?


Love Wins shawl done by Freehand

So for me this will be my next big step in my little business. Writing down some of my patterns and then from there designing specifically to make yes, but also to sell. I want to be a crochet designer. I can feel my creativity flowing in that direction and telling me that YES YES this is what you need to do. I am a strong believer in food for the soul and doing what you are being told to do by your gut and creative feeling.

I am also going to be giving a large push to a special project close to my heart. It is something that for many years I have done on a small level and quietly. Well, it is time to get a little bigger and louder. Kindness matters in this world and I think we need more of it. The world is a bit of a scary place these days, but we can change it, one small act at a time.

But first…..patterns.

I really do hope you will enjoy this pattern journey with me. I plan on posting free patterns here on the blog and then I will list patterns for sale as well. I am not sure if they will be on Etsy, however, with the fee increase they have enacted recently I really have a bit of a kick in the rear end to really update the shop here and focus on learning how to use woocommerece properly.

Have a fantastic weekend friends!


Changes coming to the blog…2018

I know not to many read this blog yet and that is ok, but for those who do. Most of what has been posted on this blog for this year has been pictures that come over direct from instagram. I have turned that feature off for the moment. I would like to do more text base blogging on this blog in the future. I just know the bottom line is that I will not manage to get to that before the end of 2017. Sad I know but that is just the way the cookie crumbles for me.

I am inspired by Jelly Bean Junction, she started a blog recently and she just really seems to know what she wants and where she is going with that. I admire that and I hope to find that sense of direction with this blog again in the future. I used to be very good about knowing where I wanted my blogs to go. In recent years I have lost my direction when it comes to blogging even here.

At any rate I am making a set choice to try and sort things out in 2018. I hope to have some help with that, there has been attempts at that in the past and recent past. So we shall see. Kirk wants to help, he keeps trying to help me type this out, cute little booger that he is. Sadly he is not the best help when it comes to writing and articles. Bless his darling heart, he just doesn’t have thumbs.

Do you ever manage to snap a… – From the Workroom

Do you ever manage to snap a picture that you are extra proud of and wonder how you did it? 😂 I’m the first to admit I need to learn to better photograph my products. I used to be fantastic with an old school 35mm and taking nature pictures. Alas hand me a phone or digital camera and all the fussy lighting and such for products and I freeze up. Especially with my crochet items and my mannequin. So I have been playing with different set ups with my slime to practice, I’ll move on to the bigger things of course. And I need to take a moment to toot my own horn for a second because toot toot Lasso of Truth’s new picture turned out really nicely! I think so anyways. Now if I can just remember how I did it 😆😆and this slime is currently in stock in the Etsy shop, one left? 💜


I know I had a plan when… – From the Workroom

I know I had a plan when I ordered this random assortment I wish I could remember the plan 😆
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