2019, a New Year a New Chance

Greetings to anyone who might be reading this humble little craft blog,

Here we are, two weeks into a fresh new year, 2019. Is anyone else still writing 2018 on things? We all know that just tends to be an ongoing battle, haha. Anyways. I am not someone who tends to make resolutions for a new year. I feel doing that tends to set one up for failure and a chance to beat yourself up. I don’t like to do that. So instead I work on goals. I will set myself goals for each year and work to get to them. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I get close and sometimes I miss the mark. Overall for me I feel 2018 I made or made steps towards most of my goals.

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The charity Bishy has arrived This is… – From the Workroom

The charity Bishy has arrived

This is just the small package of stock for pictures and such still waiting on the larger parcel to arrive but here’s a quick snap of our lovely pink Bishy brush. I’m not a huge pink person but even I’m a fan of how pretty this one is. Check the shop for full information link in bio. #creationsofbastet


Even mermaids ❤ a little makeup …. – From the Workroom

Even mermaids ❤ a little makeup
While no woman and certainly no woman requires makeup to be beautiful it can be fun! If you love makeup on land or sea your going to love our next set of brushes coming to the collection. I was going to wait until our first pressed shadows finished testing to announce this set but watching all the stunning tails being revealed over at @finfolkproductions excited so much I couldn’t resist. I have quietly ” lurked ” and watched their beautiful work since I was first able to like their page just after my renn fest days ( I’ll be back someday!) and find myself constantly in awe over the beautiful work they come up with. My inner mermaid reveals herself a little more each time scroll through their feed. .
💜 🌈💦🌈 .
I digress. This is the only the FIRST in a series of brushes that will donate a portion of every sale to The American Cancer Society’s Relay for life. 10% of the profit each set of brushes sold will be donated. We have a modest goal of being able to donate $2,500 to relay for life just after breast cancer awareness month on November 1st 2017. We hope to smash the goal but meeting it will be fantastic too! Look for the listing to go up later today in our #etsyshop! #creationsofbastet