13th Doctor New years Scarf ~ Free Pattern


Who doesn’t love a Timey Wimey Scarf?

As I sat and thought about what I could post last week on this blog and then ended up getting side tracked and never posted, my brain finally kicked me a reminder. Last month I posted the 13th Doctor scarf pattern for free. However the post that it was put up in was not instantly noticeable as a post where you would find that pattern. Whoops!

That is totally on me and I feel like a bit of a space cadet for not noticing that sooner. At least space cadet is within the proper theme for a timey wimey scarf right? I am also of course taking the time right now to remedy the mistake.

This post is dedicated purely to the pattern and therefore super easy for you to find. This scarf is my take on the scarf that the 13th Doctor wore for the New Years special and I think it ticks all the boxes. It does for me anyways.


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I think there’s something there…. …. that… – From the Workroom

I think there’s something there…. …. that wasn’t there before. Here we go with the grand cosplay project. #creationsofbastet


Be prepared the cosplay is coming 🌹… – From the Workroom

Be prepared the cosplay is coming 🌹
This coming month is going to have a barrage of different pictures on the feed. There is a month until #phxcc2017 and I am in full con cosplay mode πŸ˜‚ this item I ordered is way to small hopefully it’s friend arrives in time on the bright side it’s allowing me to test techniques out πŸ‘πŸΌsilver lining.


The pieces of cosplay are coming together….. – From the Workroom

I’m very excited about the parts arriving it will now be a lot of work to bring the costume to life from what I’m seeing but the crown well every Queen needs a crown! I actually like how it looks in darker light but it doesn’t photograph well that way. The top gems really are pointy and sharp like ice…. #creationsofbastet


A rose by any other name I… – From the Workroom

A rose by any other name
I have always enjoyed a lovely Rose but have enjoyed playing with Rose designs in various fashions more lately πŸ’œ #creationsofbastet