Progress … Chisel, chisel, make that progress


Progress, Rome wasn't built in a day
Progress Roman wasn’t built in a day.
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So it has been just over 10 days since I made my big Hello to the month post. It was the one outlining my hope for sinking teeth into the new year and a variety of other things. I have to say first of all, I am making progress. Second, I am still getting used to this new computer of mine. I am a big fan though. I am not a big fan of the fact that I can’t seem to find a skin for the keyboard that will fit, but well that is what it is. Anyways. I have done a fair amount of behind the scenes work to get things really rolling and moving forward. I am happy to be getting things done, but I wish that progress was better. Of course progress is a bit slower then I would have liked it to be because of…


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All the things that sparkle 🌹 The… – From the Workroom

All the things that sparkle 🌹
The camera can’t catch the real sparkle of these little sweeties. I’m so happy about how nice these look. Not sure if I’ll use them for my cosplay or something else. #creationsofbastet


This week on WIP a little video… – From the Workroom

This week on WIP a little video

Purely because I feel the music adds dramatic effect 😂 Finishing the details and end weaving in of an ordered pair of our knee high #beautyandthebeast themed socks while listening to the sound track of course. 🌹


A little crochet did you know… 💜💜💜💜🌹💜💜💜💜… – From the Workroom

A little crochet did you know…
Some of the more detailed afghan patterns can weigh quite a lot! This blanket I made for a friend weighed just over 10lbs once it was finished. The one I’m working on atm I think will top that. I have two friends who’ve gotten 7-10lb blankets from me as gifts who say it’s their favorite because of the weight. I think crochet blankets can make fantastic weighted blankets for those who need them and look lovely to. ❤#creationsofbastet


WIP wipwednesday 4/20/17

Honestly I did mean to post this on #wipwednesday I am sure your tired of seeing this one but I am happily working on it and hope to get it done soon. #creationsofbastet