Now listed in Etsy & Ecommerce shop… – From the Workroom

Now listed in Etsy & Ecommerce shop .
King Arthur had his sword in the stone and you can have a sword for your yarn. This is one of my favorite markers yet.


Would you like to see these in the shop?– From the Workroom

Would you like to see these in shop?

We have been having fun designing and looking at different versions of some of our favorite make up brushes here in the shop. I personally adore these color combos especially in the ombré and silver handles! What do you think? Comment or message to weigh in.


Even mermaids ❤ a little makeup …. – From the Workroom

Even mermaids ❤ a little makeup
While no woman and certainly no woman requires makeup to be beautiful it can be fun! If you love makeup on land or sea your going to love our next set of brushes coming to the collection. I was going to wait until our first pressed shadows finished testing to announce this set but watching all the stunning tails being revealed over at @finfolkproductions excited so much I couldn’t resist. I have quietly ” lurked ” and watched their beautiful work since I was first able to like their page just after my renn fest days ( I’ll be back someday!) and find myself constantly in awe over the beautiful work they come up with. My inner mermaid reveals herself a little more each time scroll through their feed. .
💜 🌈💦🌈 .
I digress. This is the only the FIRST in a series of brushes that will donate a portion of every sale to The American Cancer Society’s Relay for life. 10% of the profit each set of brushes sold will be donated. We have a modest goal of being able to donate $2,500 to relay for life just after breast cancer awareness month on November 1st 2017. We hope to smash the goal but meeting it will be fantastic too! Look for the listing to go up later today in our #etsyshop! #creationsofbastet


Half packed so many left So many… – From the Workroom

Half packed so many left
So many progress keepers! But I am extra excited to make announcements about why there are so many. I love these little buggers haven’t decided about the packaging yet. 😂 I know terrible of me to whine. All done now lol 😂 #creationsofbastet


A sock for making socks everyday The… – From the Workroom

A sock for making socks everyday

The latest in our stitch marker line up is now posted in our Etsy shop. As always this stitch marker is This charm is lead and nickel free. We offer quantity discounts link in bio. #creationsofbastet