Changes coming to the blog…2018

I know not to many read this blog yet and that is ok, but for those who do. Most of what has been posted on this blog for this year has been pictures that come over direct from instagram. I have turned that feature off for the moment. I would like to do more text base blogging on this blog in the future. I just know the bottom line is that I will not manage to get to that before the end of 2017. Sad I know but that is just the way the cookie crumbles for me.

I am inspired by Jelly Bean Junction, she started a blog recently and she just really seems to know what she wants and where she is going with that. I admire that and I hope to find that sense of direction with this blog again in the future. I used to be very good about knowing where I wanted my blogs to go. In recent years I have lost my direction when it comes to blogging even here.

At any rate I am making a set choice to try and sort things out in 2018. I hope to have some help with that, there has been attempts at that in the past and recent past. So we shall see. Kirk wants to help, he keeps trying to help me type this out, cute little booger that he is. Sadly he is not the best help when it comes to writing and articles. Bless his darling heart, he just doesn’t have thumbs.

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