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Current mood: Accomplished 😼 At LONG last… – From the Workroom

Current mood: Accomplished ?
At LONG last the official eCommerece shop is open and ready for business. We still have some products to add to the shop but it is live and ready to go! You can shop there or still in the Etsy shop ( all items currently in Etsy shop). Thank you to all who have encouraged me along the way and dealt with my hair pulling out during the process.

While the site still has a little work to be done on it, I do hope that you will enjoy it and have a smooth experience. I can’t thank my patient and lovely theme designer Monique enough. I have used her for all of my blog designs for years now and she took on the challenge of helping with the eCommerce site as well. I hope she won’t run away screaming in the future when I plan to open another shop with a different theme (oh hint hint wink wink its a long time off though lol). If you need a blog design or web design Monique is your girl trust me. If you would like her contact information please feel free to contact me for it.


If you find any bugs or issues on the site PLEASE send a message about it so it can be corrected. Otherwise happy shopping and blessed be.


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