Hello February

Hello February & Hello to being committed
Committed in February, Hello to a new month

I have begun to think that perhaps 2019 wishes to test my resolve and see just how committed I am. I am okay with that because it is only when we are truly tested that we can see just how willing we are to stick with something.  know that I am committed to working on finding a better balance and to dedicating more time to get this website and most of all this BLOG going at a much steadier and scheduled rate of movement then it has been in previous years. Just as I was really getting into that groove that I briefly mentioned in my Jan post , my spread sheet was ready, my schedule sorted out…. the computer to which I had everything on gave up the ghost.

Because of course.

Take a Deep Breath


See this is just a test of my commitment. I will be able to salvage the majority of the content on that machine but as far as using it, just not something that was going to be happening. So I dove in, I took my chance this was a new way to be committed right? Instead of getting my usual El cheapo machine (what can I say my electrical field seems to fry things its easier if they are cheaper lol) I went ahead and got myself a powerhouse machine. A fully loaded XPS with some extra editing suites added for the videos I am working on and photos and all the goodies. Great! Right?

Yeah another test was to come. It would test me once again to see how committed I was going to be to finding balance. It would also test me to see how committed I was for not just ripping off the head of someone who was giving me 3 different stories. Yeah rep you know which one of you I am talking about.

Dell happily listed I should get my lovely new Ferrari of a laptop between 1/29-2/1, awesome! Some smaller items were also ordered for some friends and they were due between 1/30-2/4, odd but cool I am sure my Ferrari was held in a special place because you know it wasn’t a little ford fiesta like the other items. (I have nothing against cheaper things please know this is tongue in cheek firmly.) Well 1/29 came and went and nothing. Well okay. Then ding shipping notice your order has shipped! Awesome! Hey wait it only has tracking for the smaller items…..well maybe they just didn’t update it.


The Saga…


Wrong. Cue the drama of trying to get dell to explain where my Ferrari was. It was backordered, then there was a transit delay and a million other excuses and basically zero accepting of hey if you back order something you should tell the buyer! There was a lot more hemming and hawing on their part and it did finally arrive on 2/5. I am getting used to using it. It will take me a while to get it to where I want it and have everything set just the way I like it. I do love the face and finger print entry stuff and had some nerd fun with my lock screen.

With all of that drama over, I really am excited to get back to working on my plans for this website and my others as well, but truly a lot with this one. I have patterns that I need to finish writing up (okay some need to be written up at all), I have freebies I want to share, and fun bits of history in craft land and so much else. Like behind the scenes work and a few big announcements. Really I have so many ideas flying through my head like they always tend to when I get excited I can’t slow them down enough to grab onto just one. So I hope you will bear with me while I do that, it will be worth the wait I promise. I have even been asked if I would do crochet tutorials and I am giving that some serious consideration.

Everything is going to be alright


So Hello February it is nice to see you, to see you nice once more! Hopefully we will have a grand time together and the future will keep looking bright. I just love crafting. SO much. It is hard for me to put into words how much, and working with my fountain pens..and…well now Ambrosia there you go off on a million tangents again.

One more thing, one more reason to say why I am so excited to really sink my teeth back into things. 2018 for me was a year of missing. Of yearning and feeling like I had a sucking chest wound that was just keeping me in one place. Yes some fantastic things happened for me in 2018 I will never deny that. But as fantastic as those things were, they could have been that much better. Because the world is just not the same when you feel like a part of yourself is missing. That part is back though, and I am happy about that. I am sure you my reading audience will get an introduction to her soon as well. (ha I bet you thought I was talking about some dude that crushed my heart or something. See you be wrong on that one.)

So here we are.

The Show must go on and until next time KEEEPPPP Crafting.

(if you got any of my silly little references. I love you)

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