May Day has arrived

May, goodness is it already that month? My birth month and I love all of you but if one person says May the fourth be with you to me this year I am going to pull a hulk smash. My birthday is May 4th and it can be a little frustrating when your day is hijacked like that. A good hijack is the fact that Saturday is also Kentucky Derby day this year. Woot woot! So I have not been posting regularly again, I know boo. I won’t go into to many details about why I have not been posting, because I have said many of them before. Some of them are different, but either way let’s just say life is life sometimes and move on from there.

So what is going on?

Spring is here and with it I hope to see new things springing up in my life. Including a move back to Minnesota. The state of my birth and the state I miss for quite sometime. There is just something about it that will always call me home. I have found a little property that fits right into my love of old homes and it is a charming little place. Oh how I love a place with character. So, cross your fingers or paws that everything goes smoothly in that area. If it goes smoothly it will mean I can settle in and really get back on track to how I would like things to be going here on this blog and on others.

Right now, I am working on a write up for these bad boys.

The power of the Universe on your arms.

With Avengers: Endgame scorching it’s way through box office records you know this marvel nerd just had to come up with something to celebrate. While I have seen some fantastic patterns for on the nose versions of the Gauntlet I just had to make my own version. Something that was less on the nose, but you still had a very clear idea of what it was. This was the result and I have been very happy with the design. I am going to be writing it up soon and I hope that others will enjoy this pattern as much as I have been enjoying it myself.

I am not as confident as Thanos for sure…

As I have touched on before, I struggle sometimes seeing myself as a designer. Since I am self taught, I often ask what gives me the right to call myself a designer? Yet I have gotten to a point where I am often doing things freehand and that is when friends have said, you really should write some of these patterns down. I am starting to see they are right and working on becoming more comfortable with the label of a designer.

Another way I am going to be showing that is by flying my nerd flag again over another favorite, and as soon as I finish writing the pattern up offering a free pattern right here on the blog. What is this free pattern for? Well not the gauntlets I am afraid, that will be a paid pattern. However, Tada!

Cue music and the Tardis brakes please…
Who doesn’t love a Timey Wimey Scarf?

My play on the scarf worn by the 13th Doctor in the New years episode. It is big, it could be used as a wrap and not just a scarf! It is squishy, warm and really all around just an absolute joy. I can’t wait to share the pattern with the world. A little bit of shameless self promo if you don’t want to wait for the pattern, or if you don’t crochet and just stumbled on this post you can pop over and purchase the scarf already made and ready to go in my Etsy Shop  at the time of this posting there are 3 in stock ready to ship no waiting and being offered at 25% off for a spring sale. So there goes that self promotion, but hey it is a deal for you and it is my blog right? If you can’t self promo on your own blog then where can you?

What is next?

So that is going to be it for me today. I do promise to work on getting more regular with my posting. I have pulled out my trusty Wonder Woman planner again which should help. You may laugh if you knew how many planners I have, but the Wonder Woman planner is supposed to be my reminder for fun things including blogging. Honestly I do love to blog quite a lot. So, hoping to see you soon!

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