Wibbly Wobbly Slimey Wimey

Are you looking for SLIME?! This is the section of our shop for you! Wibbly Wobbly Slimey Wimey is the off shoot business of Creations of Bastet that has a single focus on all things slime! Many think of slime as something only for kids, but we think slime is for everyone and we are happy to stand by that. No matter what age you are, you will enjoy the fantastic slimes created by Ambrosia. Testing, love and fun goes into every kind of slime you will find in the shop. You can follow the SLIME only Instagram for videos and fun updates of the slime being made (or also on the shop blog). Do you want to see a special kind of slime, a certain color? Scent or something not scented created? Maybe you want a slime named after you with the things you want in it made just for you. As always Creations of Bastet creates custom items and custom slime is included, so feel free to contact us with any special requests.

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