Mystery Grab Bag Slimes! 2 oz


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Do you like to try your luck? Are you a fan of Lucky Dip or mystery machines? Welcome to the Mystery Slime grab bag of WWSlimeyWimey by Creations of Bastet.

You will get a 2 oz slime at a discounted rate because you won’t know which one you are getting! All of the slime’s in the grab bag are the same high quality slime we put in any of our other listings. The only difference is that you are letting Ambrosia send you a surprise! You could get any of the textures from cashmere butter to fishbowl! You may even get super lucky and end up with a 2 oz of a limited edition slime that had just a little left over. So step right up and take a chance!

If you have any allergies or migraine triggers please leave a note when you check out so that we can do our best to avoid sending you something that will trigger a headache or migraine ect.

Video of this slime in action: On our Instagram for slime wwslimeywimey

Now for the disclaimers:

This slime is made using BORAX. If you do not have an allergy to BORAX the small amount used in this slime should not effect you, but be aware we do use it.

DO NOT EAT the Slime. I know this seems obvious but it does need to be said, you should also keep this slime away from children who are unsupervised or at the age where they put everything in their mouth. Slime while safe to play with it is NOT safe to put in your mouth.

Slime is handmade in shop by Ambrosia, colors can be slightly different then shown depending on factors such as light, monitor ect.

Slime has a tendency to “melt” or become sticky in transit especially during the summer months. This slime comes from AZ where it is nice and hot. Slime should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in the coolest place you can once you have it. Due to the hot climate of the origin, we do include a small amount of borax and directions on how to make activator to firm your slime back up.

Creations of Bastet is not liable for any allergic reactions you may have to slime while playing with it. We are always clear and honest about what is placed in the product. If you think you might be allergic to any of the ingredients, do not buy. If you would like clarity on any of the ingredients send a message.

Items come from a smoke free home.

Creations of Bastet support’s animal welfare and sources products responsibly and cruelty free.


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