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Progress, Rome wasn't built in a day
Progress Roman wasn’t built in a day.
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So it has been just over 10 days since I made my big Hello to the month post. It was the one outlining my hope for sinking teeth into the new year and a variety of other things. I have to say first of all, I am making progress. Second, I am still getting used to this new computer of mine. I am a big fan though. I am not a big fan of the fact that I can’t seem to find a skin for the keyboard that will fit, but well that is what it is. Anyways. I have done a fair amount of behind the scenes work to get things really rolling and moving forward. I am happy to be getting things done, but I wish that progress was better. Of course progress is a bit slower then I would have liked it to be because of…


The Plague … it kills progress

I try not to make some of my health struggles the focus on things either in my personal life or my business (especially in business), life. Alas there is the simple fact that like it or not, I do have those issues and I can’t hide from the fact. It puts some limitations on me, whether I like them or not. I hate them, but I deal with them the best I can. As much as I don’t like to bring them up especially with business, sometimes when it slows progress sometimes, I must open up about them.

One of those issues is I have a seriously busted up immune system. When I was 16 I got a serious case of Staph. I was sick for full over 3 months, was on meds and missed a fair amount of school because of it. My immune system never fully recovered from that. When you slap in other health struggles over the years. I usually jokingly comment that my immune system is like the 300. Small but mighty and it really does try so hard to do a good job. Alas it gets over run, especially this time of year when everyone has germs and brings them around and it just is the time of year right. I know I am not the only one dealing with the bug lately.

Alas, I can’t live in a bubble.

Sadly for me what would take most people down for a week days or a week, cuts me down for multiple weeks at a time. It is not fun and of course it kicks progress on anything I am working on down to a stand still sometimes. I usually keep working through that process of being sick though, because if I didn’t I am fairly sure I would never get anything done. The downside to that means I push myself to hard a lot and it has just been recently that I am getting better at accepting that I need to rest and recover sometimes.

So I have been working on that. Even though I am freaking out a little bit over the huge event coming up in May. Do my other crafters feel me? I am sorry if this post is a little to personal for some, it is not my usual on the business end I promise. Sometimes however, especially as a small business owner with an employee status of One Woman Band, lol you have to blend the two a little bit.

Moving onwards and upwards

So I am moving on from that a little bit, I have been doing a lot of work. If you visit the shop side you may have noticed that many of the items that were listed and others have appeared. This is because I am in the process of fully overhauling the catalog. Many things have changed in the catalog since the last attempt at this was made. Hopefully this time around everything goes smoothly. In the meantime I do have the full catalog settled in and being updated daily over on Etsy.

I will be completely honest I don’t like building up the content in the shop. Enjoying making listings and setting variables, not my top 5 of fun things. Yes I know it sounds sad, because I do love writing, lol. Sometimes I guess as a creative it is just one of those things that does not tick off my boxes. So I try to enjoy it and if nothing else just get it done. Until I can find someone to do it for me. *insert evil wicked naughty emoji smile here*. Really though, it is important for me to get this site going. I have so many plans and things I would like to do.

Catalog’s are great, but what else?

So, along with the fact that I have been doing work on the items and catalog, I have been in full swing preparing for Phoenix Fan fusion.  Yes, I am so nervous about it, and also excited. I know it might seem silly to some who are reading this that I am nervous about this event. Many will say hey you have done big events before, had big whole sale orders for the shop, this is very true. It’s hard to explain the feeling really. Looking at it from an outside perspective I think one reason I am so nervous is that the plan was to do 2020 Fan fusion, not 2019.

They offered me 2019 though and how could I say no? It was a huge chance and so I said YES! Then I went, oh wait a minute I actually have to make all these things and plan it all. EEEK! It is the lack of the plan that I think is really getting to me most. I am always the woman with a plan. So you guys get to follow my rambling along as I work this out.

Things that ARE coming soon … progress is being made

You also get to have fun working things out with me as I chose what to include on the blog and site and what not to include as well. Are you having fun reading this yet? LOL. One thing I can say for sure is that I am planning on having a few guest bloggers pop up on this blog from time to time. To offer their crafty knowledge or just to offer a little bit of a different perspective on things.

Maybe to give you a break from my silly babble too, LOL. I have secured one guest blogger I know you will like, he is handsome and funny and going to kill me for dropping lines like that because he’s my annoying BFF and coolest cuz. LOL. Hopefully I can get one or two other trusted crafty buddies to step in and offer some fun blog spots as well. I am trying to think of a funny pun Man name for Mr. Handsome’s segments. Can we say that ideas are being accepted on what to call it, haha, feel free to drop me a line, haha.

What else do you got?

Also I would like to start making little posts about some of the history behind some of the crafts that I do. We know how much I love history, anyone who has known me for 5 minutes knows that. So combining the two seems natural. Plus many of the crafts and hobbies that I do have long and wonderful histories. Of course crochet is seen as an “old lady” craft but it really isn’t. In recent history it has seen a resurgence among young people. Also Queen Victoria was a BIG TIME crocheter. You know I can see you through the screen pointing out but she was old.(LOL) News flash she was not always old, it was only when she was older that photography really became a thing thank you, lol.

Anything else, crazy Lady?

Finally I am really hoping to start posting some free patterns on the blog from time to time. For me the struggle is  very real with seeing myself as a crochet designer. There is a disconnect for me, I have been getting a lot of encouragement though, and I am working hard on letting my wings take me up and into flight with designs. The last several months I have done a lot of free hand work, some have eve been written up. Including  one pattern for sale so far and then I retreated a bit into my little introvert nerve hole.

The personal work of getting out of that little scared place is being worked on though. Some recent freehand items I sent out have gotten some fantastic feedback that made me feel better, so I am going to work on it. Free patterns, paid patterns, patterns patterns patterns for everyone. Call me the Oprah of patterns! Okay, well that is my goal in the end anyways. Ha ha. So watch this space. Things are coming. I really can’t wait. Oh how I wish that I could just spill the beans on everything right this second which might be part of my babbling problem, ha ha. I must take a deep breath though as, I know it is better to take it one step at a time. So cheers to it!

Okay, babble Princess wrap it up …

Chisel, Chisel it is taking some time but I am making progress and I am feeling inspired! If you have suggestions about what you would like to see on this blog, tutorials, anything at all like that please let me know! I am considering starting a YouTube channel as well (or reviving what I sort of started lol), any feedback on that?

P.S. Sorry, not worry about all the funny little sub headings, LOL. WordPress demands I work on my readability and SEO, so it is one of those business things I am trying.

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