Slime FAQ

Welcome to the Slime FAQ area where you will have questions answered and care tips provided. In at attempt to be green where we can Wibbly Wobbly Slimey Wimey by Creations of Bastet has put these directions on this page. You have easy access and one less card in your package.

Slime can become sticky or a little hard for a variety of reasons. Since our Slime ships from sunny Arizona expect that some might arrive a little sticky. We send some activator with every slime order to help you correct any melt/sticky issues.

When you get your slime gently poke it to give it a try before taking it out. Everyone has a preference as to how they prefer their slime. Making sure the slime isn’t too sticky for the way you prefer it before taking it out of the container works well. Making sure you have your activator made and ready can also help prevent any extra messes. Remember that if you add to much activator the slime won’t stretch as well and we aren’t responsible for that so add carefully.

You should make sure that when you take out your slime to play with that your hands are clean. 95% of complaints of stickiness could be solved by washing hands before playing with slime.


How to Make Activator:
Mix from 1/2 – 1 tsp of the provided borax with 1 cup of warm water. Mix the solution until it dissolves.

Here are some of the most common issues and what you can do to fix them. This is whether your slime has arrived this way or has become this way from sitting to long.

The problem with my slime is…

… That it is sticky: Follow the above directions from making activator and slowly add in a little activator. Always be careful when adding in the activator and remember some slime NEED to be stickier such as fishbowls. Moreover, some slime is designed to be played with on a surface instead of directly in a warm hand.

… Floam/Fishbowl beads falling out: It is natural for beads to fall out of white glue floams and even some of the clear glue styled ones if you play too rough or rip the slime. White glue floam will always shed a little bit. If you have too much shedding you can add a little bit of plain glue to it to help it keep the beads in and remain crunchy. If you add to much activator you will have fall out problems.

… Lost it’s fluff: If you have a fluffy slime that has lost its fluff some you can add in a small amount of shaving foam or foaming hand soap.

… Become hard: All slime eventually starts to become hard over time, especially if you play with it a lot or accidentally leave it out. Lotion will help soften it back up for you. Also, you can slowly warm your slime up and add a little bit of water if you have added to much activator, try no more than 10 seconds at a time in the microwave. Be careful if you use the microwave not to burn yourself. ** Extra note: We make some slime that is not butter or cream cheese but do have some clay in them, these will always have a note about the clay content in their description. Lotion is the best way to help hardness in these types of slime and will bring it back to soft and stretchy.

… Your slime has shrunk: Slime shrinks over time that is the nature of it, you will see this happen especially with fluffy slimes. A lot of times if you just start playing with it you will see that it will start to expand again.

A few other slime tips

Clear glue slime will become cloudy with time as you play with it. Leave it for a while and you will see it clear back up for a while.

Butter slime & cream cheese slime should never ever be left out of their container. Because the high amount of clay used within these types of slime is air dry, leaving it out will ensure that your slime drys up and becomes impossible to use. Worse news is these are types of slime that are very hard to fix. However, not impossible and if you take good care of them, they are wonderful to play with and have fantastic smooth texture. Don’t add water to these kinds of slime a small bit of lotion and knead it well.

Remember that you should not play with slime on carpet or get it on clothing. Slime that is deeply and richly colored can sometimes leave a little bit of residue on your hands. That is just something that happens when rich colors and glitters are involved.