Slime FAQ & Care

Welcome to the Slime FAQ & Care area where you will have questions answered and care tips provided. We felt that by making this a page on the website you could have easy to access information anytime you wanted it even if you misplaced your care card that is included in every slime order.

Slime can become sticky or a little hard for a variety of reasons. Since our Slime ships from sunny Arizona expect that some might arrive a little sticky or during the hottest months it could be melted. We send some activator with every slime order to help you correct any melt/sticky issues. During the winter months often times slime can arrive stiff from the cold or even frozen. We highly recommend that you allow your slime to come back to room temperature and thaw by just allowing it to SIT and come to temperature naturally. Some slime sellers advise microwaving, but we have found this can change the slime and can’t be held responsible for texture changes or harm that could happen if you do this. Containers can melt, charms can become hot and burn or melt ect. Allowing your slime to come back to room temperature on its own, my take a little longer, but it will be worth the wait. One could also say this practice should be used when slime arrives too hot from summer temperatures too!

When you get your slime gently poke it to give it a try before taking it out. Everyone has a preference as to how they prefer their slime. Making sure the slime isn’t too sticky for the way you prefer it before taking it out of the container works well. Making sure you have your activator made and ready can also help prevent any extra messes. Remember that if you add to much activator the slime won’t stretch as well and we aren’t responsible for that so add carefully.

You should make sure that when you take out your slime to play with that your hands are clean. 95% of complaints of stickiness could be solved by washing hands before playing with slime.

Make your own activator:

We provide a nice little activator bottle with each order, but it is a small amount. If you need to make more of your own here is how you should do it:

Mix from 1/2 – 1 tsp of borax with 1 cup of warm water. Mix the solution until it dissolves.

Here are the most common slime trouble shooting topics:


… That it is sticky: Add a small amount of activator. Always be careful when adding the activator and remember some slime NEED to be stickier such as fishbowls.

… Floam/Fishbowl beads falling out: If slime is over activated beads will fall out, just allow the slime to get stickier again. Beads will also start to fall out as the slime starts to shrink from play.

… Become hard: All slime eventually starts to become hard over time, especially if you play with it a lot or accidentally leave it out. Lotion will help soften it back up for you. Slimes with clay in them such as butter or slay, really like a little bit of lotion as they are played with.


…cloud slime specific tips, if it is hard add aq little lotion, if it is crumbling carefully add a little activator and knead knead knead!

… Your slime has shrunk: Slime shrinks over time that is the nature of it. You can revive it to a point with these tips but eventually all slime will reach a point where they can no longer be revived.



Remember that you should not play with slime on carpet or get it on clothing. Slime that is deeply and richly colored can sometimes leave a little bit of residue on your hands. That is just something that happens when rich colors and glitters are involved. Never Eat slime.



Now with those wonderful slime care tip’s and tricks laid out it is time to cover some of the other basic F.A.Q that we get through WWSlimeyWimey & Creations of Bastet on social media.


Q: How do you make that slime?!

A: I am sorry but unless I make a tutorial for it, I do not give out my recipes. I sell the slime so giving out my exact recipes would be counterproductive. Good news for you though! YouTube has a lot of great tutorials for basic slime making! Have fun, use YouTube and Google!

Q: Where do you get your containers?

A: I source from a few different places, I can say I do NOT get my containers from Uline and I have done a lot of research. Feel free to utilize Google to find some yourself as well! Just google cosmetic containers or the size you are looking for. If you are someone who doesn’t want to give money to companies that support causes that you stand against make sure you do a little research on the company as well!

Q: Where do you get your fragrances?

A: Again, this is something that I blend myself, almost all of my fragrances used in my slimes and other products are personal blends using a variety of scents. I get my fragrances for blending from several different vendors. Just google fragrance oils and you too can go on an adventure of sites with tons of great scents!

Q: Will you send me free slime?

A: Sorry but, no I will not. Slime takes time and money to create and you shouldn’t ask a creator to give you something for nothing. You wouldn’t walk into a store and demand free things so please don’t do it to small business owners online either.

Q: Can we trade slime?

A: At the moment my trades are closed you can look at the WWSlimeyWimey Instagram page to see updates on if trades are open or not.

Q: Will you review my slime?

A: If you would like for me to review your slime, yes, I am currently accepting reviews. When you send a package I will make a video and post it to my main feed. Remember feedback will be openly honest, but I make a point never to be mean. We can all learn from constructive criticism and find places to improve. I know I have gotten valuable feedback on my own slimes by listening to what others have to say good and bad! If you are interested in me reviewing your slime please DM me at  WWSlimeyWimey or send an email to


Q: Can I have a shout out? A follow? Will you buy from me? ect.

A: Sorry, but no. I follow accounts I wish to follow, I buy from whom I wish to buy from. I will give shout outs to those I want to give shout outs too. If you ask this or post on my posts to self promote, chances are you will get blocked, deleted and I will not buy from you. I know it can be frustrating to build up a shop, followers and so on but do it the right way. You will feel much better about things in the end if you do them right.