Hello February

Hello February & Hello to being committed
Committed in February, Hello to a new month

I have begun to think that perhaps 2019 wishes to test my resolve and see just how committed I am. I am okay with that because it is only when we are truly tested that we can see just how willing we are to stick with something.  know that I am committed to working on finding a better balance and to dedicating more time to get this website and most of all this BLOG going at a much steadier and scheduled rate of movement then it has been in previous years. Just as I was really getting into that groove that I briefly mentioned in my Jan post , my spread sheet was ready, my schedule sorted out…. the computer to which I had everything on gave up the ghost.

Because of course.

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The process of growing and changing.

Photo source: Behindtheveil @ Deviantart

I thought it was time to start populating this blog with more content then the pictures that come from the Instagram feed. Now, don’t get me wrong, the pictures are wonderful and they will keep coming in one form or another but I want to try and engage more. I have, after all, had a blog in one form or another since I was a freshman in High School ( this will be dating myself, but I played Oregon trail at the end of elementary school. Man, I miss that game!) and blogging is just a natural way to write and say hello to me.

I started out 2017 with a singular goal and that goal was to find ways to make Creations of Bastet begin to grow more than it had been. For me this meant doing research, branching out and looking into adding different items to the shop. I have long made my own essential oil blends, perfumes, candles (I used to sell them and tarts in what seems like a lifetime ago) and a variety of other things. I also asked myself, was sharing patterns for some of the crazy crochet designs that I came up with something I wanted to do? All in all I brainstormed a plan and I keep brainstorming any inspiration I find (trust me, I find it all over the place) and set to work.

I am typing this on 2/27/17, fairly early in the year really and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a little bit shocked. This shock is good shock, this shock is caused by my little Creations of Bastet already growing to a point that I gave myself until late May or early June to do. Now I know I am still not the biggest company in the world and I am by no means a viral company either, but this growth for me is exciting and happening so much faster than I thought it would. There are times I admit that the speed and rate at which my little company is growing can be overwhelming. In those moments I remember some of the conversations I had with my Great Grandma and I remind myself as she would to be happy for the blessing. I am happy, very happy and I thank all of those new customers who have helped my humble little business to grow by leaps and bounds already this year. It truly means more than words can say.

The only problem with this kind of fast growth and those feelings of being overwhelmed is that growing pains are bound to happen. This is not a complaint, not at all but there are feelings of anxiety that come with rapid growth, for me anyways. I have seen what has happened to other small companies when they suddenly blow up due to going viral. The most recent case from the circle of things that I watch was Bitter Lace Beauty with their epic highlighter Prism. This is not being used as an example in any way to slam Bitter Lace Beauty at all. I admire their shop and their lovely handmade makeup. With that said, no one can deny (and I think the owner would indeed agree with me) that they did not expect what happened to them. Prism went viral after being featured by a make up blogger/net celeb (Jeffree Star I believe I could be wrong there) and sold out in record time along with every other product they had in their Etsy shop. It has been about a year (I think) since they went viral and went sky high with their orders and for the most part they have been sold out of product ever since things went viral. There were restocks of the Prism and then there were pre orders going out for 9 months if I recall correctly. It was all a bit insane! Halloween was a time where they did release a few new shades of fun makeup, I got myself the liquid highlighter which smells yummy and is very glittery. Other than that, however, it has been pretty much hurry up and wait for a big restock announcement. That finally came the other day and looks like things will happen mid march and of course that announcement is being blogged and talked about as well, so I suspect they will be sold out again before I manage to get my paws on anything. Alas, I digress. Bitter lace beauty has been on Etsy since 2014, that is not very long at all and again I don’t know all the details of if they did anything before then or what but I can only assume they were a small operation, like myself. A small operation that just suddenly went worldwide, that is some big growing pains! I think they have handled it with as much grace as possible and applaud them for that. In all honesty though it is something that I myself get anxious over.

I am self deprecating enough to say that chances are I will never go viral and won’t have to worry about it, but growing pains are growing pains and even smaller ones can happen. Going above and beyond for customers is one of my biggest goals, I strive to give a personal experience where I can and overall just try to be responsive to any questions and get items made and out right away. I worry that if things keep going at the rapid pace they have been that service will suffer some. I of course don’t want it to and I don’t want to hex things and make growth stop, but there are sometimes it all just seems a little daunting for one little me and the bit of help I get from friends and family when needed.

If you have stuck with this post to this point I say thank you. I know it has been a bit like a high speed ramble, but it happens sometimes when I am anxious or my mind is moving as fast as a train. With growth happening faster than expected I made the choice to pick an eCommerce software and get Creations of Bastet away from only being a blog with an Etsy account, but to be the shop it should be with a blog attached. This for me is a big step and while needed, it is a little bit scary too.

When you add that step on to the ideas that keep coming out of my head like rapid fire glitter and rainbows, I suspect I seem a little bit like a chicken with her head cut off. While the main focus in the last few years of Creations of Bastet has been crocheting, it was never meant to be singularly focused but instead to encompass a wide array of things. I am a bit of a Jill of all trades when it comes to creating. I have long used many different mediums to get what is stuck in my head to come out and be realized. I think most of this has to do with the fact that I simply love creating and I love using my hands to do it. I miss the era where people made things on their own more than purchasing them cheap from big box stores. Not that I was personally in the hay day of that era, but still the love of hand making things has been in my veins since I was little. It was nurtured by my Great Grandmother and the Girl Scouts. Sometimes to outsiders it looks like I am a it of a flibberty gibbet or that I just jump on with trends, that really is not the case.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to blend scents, use my own perfume oils, mix make up, create costumes to wear for various events, pour candles, make incense, make scented paper, make pretty stationery and so on and so forth. Crochet is actually one of the newer things I do with my hands, I love it and it has become a huge passion, but in the grand scheme of arts that I have done it is just a baby. So what do you do when you have so many different things you like to do and which can create tangible goods to sell? That is one point in these growing pains where I have become stuck. On one hand, I have gotten advice that says I should keep the different genre’s separate and have different shops and accounts for each one. On the other hand, I have been told that there is no reason to separate and I should keep them all under one umbrella as I continue to grow and add these things into my shop. So what is the best answer? Is there really a singular best answer? I don’t know and it is something I have been grappling with. I do know that the idea of building up and maintaining several different shops and social media accounts is a super overwhelming thought. However, I also then wonder what people will think and feel seeing the Jill all of all trades in action and listed in the same shop. I suspect I will be grappling with this one for a while and I do welcome any feedback from those who are sellers or buyers or both. What would you do?

I am going to wrap this post up as I have certainly gone on much longer than I thought I would. The long and short of it is that changes to the page ARE coming. Soon this part of Creations of Bastet will be put into an actual space marked Blog and there will be a shop here to buy goods off Etsy. I am very excited about it and can’t wait until everything will be unveiled. I also want to thank all of those who have supported this little baby of mine one way or another. I have always wanted to build Creations of Bastet into something larger, but I also knew it was something that I should take my time on and ensure that growth was at a manageable pace for me and what I could handle. I think so far I have done fairly well with that. What will the future hold? Well, no one can be certain of that I do hope it will be full of more growth and wonderful client’s. I can’t possibly thank all of those who have put their trust and money in even buying something as simple as a packet of incense sticks in this little baby of mine.

There are some other exciting announcements around the corner, I just can’t make them yet.

Until next time, please do enjoy the pictures that keep coming up here on the blog. I promise the growth is going to roll over into more content here on the blog as well!