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WWSlimeyWimey 500 follower giveaway!

Welcome to the WWSlimeyWimey by Creations of Bastet 500 follower slime giveaway! Wow 500 followers already this is very exciting for the slime side of things! Entering the giveaway is super simple, just follow the directions below that rafflecopter has for you. This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway! Here is what you could win! ( I may choose to add some items in as the giveaway goes but these items will be in it for sure!)

1- package of white Daiso clay
2- 4 oz WWslimeyWimey slimes
1- 8 oz WWSlimeyWimey slime
1- Tardis Jewels Ring inside WWslimeywimey slime
1- Gallon freezer bag of green foam beads with some white ones mixed in
1- Sandwich baggie full of “winter snow” fake snow for slushee slime
1- 8 oz by volume baggie of slushee beads (pictured in an 8 oz container for ease of photography)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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